MacVoices #20146: Derrick Story Guides You Through Digitizing Your Family Memories


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Like most of us years, and maybe even decades, of your family photos are in the proverbial shoe box under a bed somewhere. Derrick Story has a new course, Digitizing Family Memories, that will help you through the process of converting them to digital format, from selecting hardware to the scanning process, and metadata entry, to long-term storage. Derrick talks about how to get started with his potentially daunting task so you won’t be intimidated, takes you through a workflow that will help you get the most out of the project, and addresses issues such as security when making choices about where to host your photos when finished.

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Derrick Story is a writer, photographer, teacher, and podcaster. You can follow his weekly shows on, as well as read his blog posts, check out his workshop schedule, and find links to his social accounts, including Instagram (DerrickStory), Twitter (Derrick_Story), and Facebook(thedigitalstory). TheDigitalStory Podcast is also available where ever you download your podcasts, such as on Apple Podcasts. See all of his courses and other projects at The Nimble Photographer.


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