#053 - "I say Warrior, you say Quest" (Dragon Quest 1)


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Grab your favorite bard and travel back in time to where it all started! We're talking Dragon Quest 1 on this episode, featuring special guest musician and writer Russell Gordon. We'll discuss localization woes, Western reception, and Dragon Warrior vs Dragon Quest, the series' two trilogies, proto-RPGs, our first RPGs, NA vs JP cover art, Nintendo Power subscriptions, differences between the versions of DQ1, grinding vs whittling and the trance-like state of play, where to start with the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest 1 as a fairy tale and not an engaging drama or epic, story vs plot and the player's experiences creating the narrative in real time, dungeon crawling, the game's single character, and how you don't even have to save the princess!

Guest: https://soundcloud.com/shredrussell-1

Links: http://thewellredmage.com/2019/12/11/dragon-quest-nintendo-switch-review-2019/
Music: "Overture March" & "Tantegel Castle" composed by Koichi Sugiyama

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