Finding The One - Episode 54


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What if you could find THE ONE? Yes, we're talking about your soulmate. The one who you were meant to fall instantly in love with and head over heels for. The one who you can't help but find a primal attraction for and who truly understands you for you. What if there was a technology available to help you find this exact person anywhere on Earth just by matching you through your DNA? Would you use this technology? What if you're already in a relationship or marriage or have a family together? Would you be curious to find this soulmate or would you rather not know? It sounds like a great idea, but what are the negative unintended consequences?

Inspired by a recent Netflix series we watched called "The One", come join us in this fun episode as we explore and laugh about these exact questions, pondering about what we would do if this was our reality. With the exponential growth of technology and medical advancements, could we really reach a point in our lives where we could press a button and find our one true love? What would you do?

0:00 Intro

1:14 Welcome banter

3:22 Start of the topic

3:54 Netflix The One

5:40 Unintended consequences

8:08 Would Linda use the technology?

13:21 Ruining dating

15:53 Plenty of fish in the sea?

19:45 The hunt and chase for love

21:20 Matching with a bad person

22:30 Married, but curious

26:51 Love is crazy and Facebook stalking

27:58 Would you choose your soulmate or spouse?

32:20 Happy wife happy life

33:25 Pandora’s box

35:34 Toxic love

37:42 Blessing or curse in disguise

39:23 Ignorance is bliss

40:29 Temptation

43:07 Takeaways and lessons learned

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