Unlucky In Love - Episode 60


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Have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you’re just unlucky when it comes to love and romance? Does it feel like there just aren’t any good men or women out there for you, and you’re destined to be alone forever? When it comes to finding love and dating, it can sometimes feel like you’re cursed because of how society defines what a “successful” relationship is or should be. So is it really any wonder that when a relationship fails, we automatically associate that failure to ourselves? What if we were to change how we measured our luck in love, not by marriage or finding the one, but by the memories and moments we experience being in love even if things don’t ultimately work out?

In this episode, we challenge the idea of what being unlucky in love really means, and search for practical ways to improve our success in this area of our lives. We believe that it starts by being brutally honest with ourselves, taking back our power through personal responsibility, self-reflection and having a desire to work on the things that are within our control.

0:00 Intro

2:04 Welcome banter

3:38 Start of topic

4:18 Jennifer Aniston unlucky in love

6:52 Dating and marriage expectations

8:36 It’s better to have loved and lost

11:26 Why can’t I find love

16:24 Knowing what you want in a relationship

19:11 How to improve your luck in love

22:00 Are you emotionally ready for a relationship

25:50 Don’t try so hard

28:12 Feel your emotions

32:11 Be honest with yourself

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