Maiden A–Z 58: Setlists of The Beast 2021


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It is finally time for the big reveal! Thank you all for sending in your setlists! We had a great time going through them. We decided that, rather than wait until after the live pod drops, we’ll do a quick episode entirely devoted to the setlists. We have a lot on our minds this week leading up to the big night (which is tonight!). So if anyone’s setlist got lost in the mix, we apologize. If we did, we will be doing a part 2 in the next few weeks and we’ll make sure to include it then. Thanks for a great year and hope to see some of you tonight! Here are the setlists: Greg: (Churchill speech intro) -aces high -evil that men do -total eclipse -bring your daughter -purgatory -sea of madness -die with your boots on -22 Acacia avenue -be quick or be dead -Heaven can wait -prodigal son THE MAN TRILOGY -wicker man -clansman -man on the edge (Intermission-Mission From ‘Arry/Holy Smoke video) -fear of the dark -sanctuary -rime of the ancient mariner -Iron Maiden -hallowed be the name Robert Nilsson: 1. Caught somewhere in time 2. Revelations 3. The Prisoner 4. Moonchild 5. Infinite Dreams 6. The Evil That Men Do 7. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 8. Only The Good Die Young 9. Still Life 10. The Unbeliever 11. Powerslave 12. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 13. Ghost Of The Navigator 14. Phantom Of The Opera 15. Iron Maiden 16. The Trooper 17. Prowler 18. Hallowed Be Thy Name Paul Corcoran: Senjutsu Stratego 2 Minutes to Midnight Infinite Dreams Still Life Stranger in a Strange Land The Evil that Men Do Days of Future Past Montsegur Powerslave The Trooper Children of the Damned Wrathchild Writing on the Wall Wickerman (the W section of the set) Encores Number of the Beast Hallowed Iron Maiden Erik Bäckwall Moonchild Flash of the blade Purgatory Still Life Monteségur Infinite Dreams The Prisoner The Loneliness of the long distance runner Revelations Run silent run deep Paschendale The Duelists Bring your daughter to the slaughter Wasted Years The Talisman Alexander the Great Only the good die young Christian B Be quick or be dead 3:25 Killers 5:02 Hell on earth 10:19 Sun and steel 3:27 Powerslave 7:12 Moonchild 5:41 Infinite dreams 6:08 22 Acacia Avenue 6:37 Purgatory 3:20 Blood brothers 7:16 Still Life 4:54 Die with your boots on 5:22 Remember tomorrow 5:25 The rime of the ancient mariner 13:38 Caught somewhere in time 7:22 Children of the damned 04:35 Hallowed be thy name 7 Metal Gods Podcast / George 1. Senjutsu 2. Rainmaker 3. The Writing on the Wall 4. Stratego 5. The Longest Day 6. El Dorado 7. Death of the Celts 8. Speed of Light 9. Heaven Can Wait 10. The Clairvoyant 11. Hell on Earth 12. Afraid to Shoot Strangers 13. Iron Maiden Encore: 14. Murders in the Rue Morgue 15. Blood Brothers 16. Number of the Beast Topi Koponen 1 Senjutsu 2 Man on the Edge 3 Afraid to Shoot Strangers 4 Blood on the World's Hands 5 Longest Day 6 Face in the Sand 7 Still Life 8 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 9 Remember Tomorrow 10 Paschendale 11 Murders in the Rue Morgue 12 Bring Your Daughter 13 Como Estais Amigos 14 Moonchild 15 The Evil That Men Do 16 Hallowed Philip Trummer: 1 Be Quick Or Be Dead 3:24 2 The Wicker Man 4:35 3 Ghost Of The Navigator 6:50 4 Powerslave 6:47 5 The Phantom Of The Opera 7:20 6 Déjà vu 4:56 7 The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg 7:21 8 Revelations 6:48 9 Stratego 4:59 10 Paschendale 8:28 11 The Flight Of Icarus 3:51 12 The Clansman 9:00 13 The Evil That Men Do 4:35 14 22 Acacia Avenue 6:38 15 Still Life 4:57 16 The Number of The Beast 4:51 Charlotta Dahlén 1.Killers 2. Powerslave 3.The Writing on The Wall 4. Dream of Mirrors 5. For The Great Good of God 6. Back to The Village 7. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate 8.The Clansman 9. Rainmaker 10. Hell on Earth Erik Shaw: (Blade Runner intro) Futureal The Evil that men do The Prisoner Stranger in a Strange Land Still Life The Writing on The Wall Senjutsu Sun and Steel The Clairvoyant Hell on Earth Number of The Beast Phantom of

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