Maiden A–Z 60: Hallowed Be Thy Name


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It is finally time to tackle a big one. Perhaps not just a big one as much as THE big one. Friends of the beast, it is time for Hallowed Be Thy Name. In this episode you’ll hear many familiar voices and at least one new one. Joining us are Joel Brink Henrik Johansson Philip Trummer Ben Webster Trophy Lovepump Paul Corcoran Fearghal Traynor The segment with Joel and Henrik is taken from our live podcast at the anniversary party. Huge thanks guys for joining us on our big night and of course huge thanks to the rest of our guests for making this already special episode even more special! Shout out to Nate Sumislaski and Patrick who sent in setlists that we missed last time. Sorry! Next year we’ll work out a better system. Most importantly, thank you for listening and for making this strange journey even more special than we could have possibly imagined. Up the Irons and skål from the north!

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