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Make a Plan > Make it Happen (formerly known as On The Make) is the podcast for side-hustlers who juggle their creative business alongside other commitments, but want to do more of what they love. I’m your host, Josephine brooks and I know your creative business is your ticket to the slower, more meaningful lifestyle you ache for. But to get there, you you’re going to need a route map and some support, that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you on this podcast. The episodes of Make a Plan > Make it Happen feature interviews from business experts and other side-hustlers who share their stories and tools to help you level up your business. You’ll also find mentoring episodes where I help side-hustlers find the most impactful way to build their business and make a plan to help them get there. If you're a side-hustler who wants to create a more meaningful lifestyle through growing your creative business, you're in the right place. Grab a cuppa and join me every Monday for a chat.

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