Episode 35: The Incredibles


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(No spoilers for the new one! When we recorded this one, we hadn’t seen it yet!)

Joined for the first time by a fabulous guest, our good buddy AJ, we talk again about private islands and military research funding, but this time with the added bonus of Dan’s name being forever on a CIA watch list, after he googled the costs of a number of bits of large military equipment! Dan makes this sacrifice so we can tell you just how much it might cost for Syndrome to make that big ole robot guy happen. Was it worth it, putting the three of us on the no-fly list forever? Eh, who knows! We do it for you, folks!

At the time of recording, we hadn’t yet been able to pull our winner, but rest assured, sometime in July we’ll be announcing who gets to put Dan’s charity money where his mouth is! (Or… something to that effect.) Stay tuned!

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