S02E22: The Phillips 3-4 Defense w/ Wade Phillips (Former NFL Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator)


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This is Season 2 Episode 22 with former NFL Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, Wade Phillips. We examine the structure of Coach Phillips' defense, where to play personnel, the evolution of his defense, all with some amazing stories! 8:25 Welcome Wade Phillips! 9:18 Coach's Base 3-4 Package & Structure 27:10 Playing Corners Over 33:09 Personnel Placement 34:07 Position Profile: Nose Tackle 40:21 Customizing Techniques for Different Players 42:00 Varying Coaching by Player 45:11 Loaded/5-0 Fronts 49:53 Personnel Placement - Right End 55:19 Position Profile: Left End 1:02:59 CV's Embarrassing Fanboy Madden Story 1:03:44 The Birth of the "Wink" Front 1:05:15 Position Profile: Will & Sam 1:18:01 Position Profile: Mike & Mo 1:19:24 Making Jack Del Rio "Cry" 1:33:23 DBs That Have Played for Wade Phillips 1:37:57 Evolution of Coach Phillips' Defense 1:40:24 Defending the 1970s Steelers 1:49:12 Defending the 1980s 49ers Teams 1:55:21 Defending the 1990s Broncos (Zone) 2:09:50 Defending Manning & Brady (2000s/10s) 2:13:39 Defending the Run and Shoot 2:19:23 Defending Duo 2:20:10 Defending Boot w/ Deep Over Routes 2:26:31 Defending Compressed Sets 2:30:56 The Numbers Defense CoachTube Course in Wade's Words Follow Coach Phillips on Twitter @sonofbum, Coach Vass @CoachVass, and the podcast's account @MDGAPodcast. Come join us on Twitter to discuss the episode! To join the Coach Vass Football Patreon, go to www.patreon.com/CoachVass Visit our website at www.coachvass.com to view more information on the podcast, CoachTube videos, Patreon, Pop-Up Clinics, blog posts, and articles from Coach Vass, as well links to join Coach Vass' email list, and a form to contact him for off-season consulting. NEW HUDL COACH VASS OFFENSIVE ROUNDTABLE https://www.hudl.com/blog/recap-coach-vass-offensive-roundtable COACH VASS' COACHTUBE BUNDLE CoachTube "F the Coronavirus Bundle": https://coachtube.com/bundles/f-the-coronavirus-clinic-bundle-special?ambassador=c889183008ae4f3d9f43bba39 COACHTUBE COURSE OF THE WEEK: WADE PHILLIPS NUMBERS DEFENSE https://coachtube.com/course/football/wade-phillips-numbers-defense-certification HUDL WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS www.hudl.com/l/weekly-highlights SPONSOR LINKS: www.coachtube.com www.hudl.com

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