S03E03: The Notre Dame/Cincinnati "Dollar Package" w/ Marcus Freeman, DC at Notre Dame


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Season 3 Episode 3 is with the new Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator, Marcus Freeman. We discuss the "Dollar" package, which he made famous at the University of Cincinnati last year, and go through the front, LB play, and coverage aspects of the scheme. SHOW NOTES 7:16 Welcome Marcus Freeman 10:53 Birth of the Dollar Package 16:43 Overview of the Dollar Package 19:25 Base Alignments 41:24 Coverage Package 54:02 Defensive Front Play 1:02:55 LB Play in the Dollar Package 1:09:21 LB Plug Technique 1:12:36 Gameplanning LB Plugs 1:18:56 Overhangs Fitting Inside 1:21:34 Mugs & Bluffs 1:24:58 Championship Call Follow Coach Freeman on Twitter @Marcus_Freeman1 and Coach Vass @CoachVass, and the podcast's account @MDGAPodcast, and the new offensive podcast, @RunVassOption. Come join us on Twitter to discuss the episode! To see the new Coach Vass Football YouTube Page www.youtube.com/coachvassfootball To join the Coach Vass Football Patreon, go to www.patreon.com/CoachVass If you can't remember all of those, just remember this one! www.linktree.com/coachvass Visit our website at www.coachvass.com to view more information on the podcast, the link to his YouTube channel, CoachTube videos, Patreon, Pop-Up Clinics, blog posts, and articles from Coach Vass, as well links to join Coach Vass' email list, and a form to contact him for off-season consulting. COACH VASS' COACHTUBE BUNDLE https://coachtube.com/bundles/f-the-coronavirus-clinic-bundle-special?ambassador=c889183008ae4f3d9f43bba39 “DEFENDING THE WING-T OFFENSE” BY COACH VASS https://coachtube.com/course/football/defending-the-wing-t-offense/13071590?track=e6ca5c01b8f475480705ac0999692d1d COACH VASS' COACHTUBE COURSE OF THE WEEK: Cortney Braswell - Cover 6 Defense (Army) https://coachtube.com/course/football/cortney-braswell-cover-6-defense/13538308 For more information on the brand new Hudl Focus Outdoor Hands-Free Camera, check it out here: www.hudl.com/coachvass SPONSOR LINKS: www.hudl.com www.coachtube.com

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