S03E06: Inaugural Draft Pod Special w/ Randy Mueller, former NFL GM (Seahawks, Saints & Dolphins)


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Season 3 Episode 6 is with former NFL Executive & GM, Randy Mueller who has worked with the Seahawks, Saints, Dolphins, and Chargers. We talk all things draft! 8:41 Welcome & Remembering Cortez Kennedy 19:05 Randy Mueller's Career Path 24:26 Assistant Coaches & Their Role in Scouting 27:30 Using Mock Drafts in the Process 31:40 Trade Deal Fallout 34:02 Judging Personality Based on Interviews 35:56 2021 Picks Worth Less Because of COVID? 38:10 Edge Rushers Are Hard to Predict 40:44 Lines Blurred Between 3-4 & 4-3? 49:54 Guy from 2021 Draft Class in HOF? 53:21 Ranking the Top 5 QBs in this Class 58:18 Isolating Scouts to Decrease Debate 1:02:06 Most Important Part of Evaluation Process 1:05:46 Info to Disclose when Trading Up/Down 1:09:11 Deals Leading Up to Draft Day 1:11:16 Teams Backing Out of Deals 1:13:32 Psychological Warfare Between Teams 1:16:09 Craziest Draft Day Decision 1:17:59 When Does 2022 Draft Prep Start? 1:19:53 Building a Team - Top Defensive Pick? 1:21:07 Randy Mueller's Contact Info & Other Work Follow Randy Mueller on Twitter @RandyMueller_ and Coach Vass @CoachVass, and the podcast's account @MDGAPodcast, as well as the new offensive podcast, @RunVassOption. Come join us on Twitter to discuss the episode! To see the new Coach Vass Football YouTube Page www.youtube.com/coachvassfootball To join the Coach Vass Football Patreon, go to www.patreon.com/CoachVass If you can't remember all of those, just remember this one! www.linktree.com/coachvass Visit the website at www.coachvass.com to view more information on the podcast, the link to his YouTube channel, CoachTube videos, Patreon, Pop-Up Clinics, blog posts, and articles from Coach Vass, as well links to join Coach Vass' email list, and a form to contact him for off-season consulting. COACH VASS' COACHTUBE BUNDLE https://coachtube.com/course/football/defending-the-wing-t-offense/13071590?track=e6ca5c01b8f475480705ac0999692d1d “DEFENDING THE WING-T OFFENSE” BY COACH VASS https://coachtube.com/bundles/f-the-coronavirus-clinic-bundle-special?ambassador=c889183008ae4f3d9f43bba39 COACH VASS' COACHTUBE COURSE OF THE WEEK: Q&A with Nick Saban by LFCA Louisiana Football Coaches Association https://coachtube.com/course/football/q-a-with-nick-saban/13890991 For more information on the brand new Hudl Focus Outdoor Hands-Free Camera, check it out here: www.hudl.com/coachvass SPONSOR LINKS: www.hudl.com www.coachtube.com

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