It's a Razor Thin Race Between State Sen. Joyce Elliott and Trump Sycophant Rep. French Hill


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THROWBACK EPISODE! Arkansas State Senator Joyce Elliott is running to represent the state's 2nd congressional district, and she's currently within one point of the Republican incumbent. If she wins, she will be the first Black person to be elected to congress from the state. But this isn't the first historic move Senator Elliott has made in her career OR her personal life. In today's episode, she digs in to tell us her personal backstory that has informed her leadership, as she integrated her school first as a young student, and again when she became an educator. She understands the struggles of the middle and working class, having spent time living off Beanie Weenies to stretch a dollar, which is a far-cry from that of her bankrolled opponent who "does a good job looking out for the wealthy." Get to know this incredible leader and how she wants to upgrade Arkansas' healthcare, education, and infrastructure. (Original air date: 9/16/20).


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