Jaime Harrison is Tied in the Polls with South Carolina's Senator Lindsay Graham


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THROWBACK EPISODE! Jaime Harrison is tied in the polls against Senator Lindsay Graham, so we're bumping up this episode with the candidate so you can get to know him and share with EVERYONE you know in South Carolina.

Jaime Harrison knows South Carolinians concerns because he grew up with similar ones. In his bid for Lindsey Graham's senate seat, he's been connecting with voters on the issues that matter most to them: access to quality healthcare (especially in rural areas), small businesses burning out and job losses from coronavirus, and food insecurity that was prevalent even before the pandemic hit. In today's episode, he not only addresses how he plans to take on the state's biggest challenges, but he also points to exactly how Lindsey Graham has no time for his constituents, but plenty of time to make appearances on Sean Hannity's show. South Carolina is in need of a change -- Lindsey Graham is standing in the way, so Jaime Harrison is stepping up. (Original air date: 8/10/20).

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