Senate Candidate Mike Espy is on the Heels of Confederate Cindy in Polls


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THROWBACK EPISODE! Mike Espy is just ONE POINT behind Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, so we're re-upping this episode with the candidate so you can get to know him and share with EVERYONE you know in Mississippi.

Confederate Cindy is not just another clever Internet meme -- it's the nickname for Mike Espy's opponent; you might remember her for saying she'd attend a public hanging if invited. Mike Espy, the former Secretary of Agriculture and Representative of Mississippi's 2nd District, is now the Democratic nominee to take the Senate seat away from the Trump sycophant who considers the Confederacy to be the "best part of Mississippi's history." But in addition to opposing Cindy Hyde-Smith's blatant racism, Mike Espy has plans to nurse Mississippi back to health from coronavirus, where cases are currently spiking as the pandemic shines a spotlight on the state's already-broken healthcare system. He also wants to expand food stamps, get more money into school districts, and oh yeah, he believes in SCIENCE. Hear his plans for Mississippi's future and the stories that helped shape them in today's episode. (Original air date: 8/5/20).

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