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What is the deal with swingers? I’m sure when many of you hear the word swinger you think of a 1970s porn star looking dude with a very hairy chest, obnoxious gold necklaces jingling around his neck and sporting a vulgar mustache being a total creeper around all the ladies. You see him and think GROSS! You wonder why one woman would be with him let alone many. You think if this guy was lucky enough to get one woman to marry his goofy ass, he needs to count his incredible blessings and not even bring up the idea of wife swapping to his poor unfortunate wife. Of course, I’m laying out the stereotype of a swinger that has been created by the media. The reality is very normal couples that you would never suspect are swinging every single day. They are swapping wives, going to play parties, having sex while their partner watches or not, and pretty much engaging is a sexual lifestyle many people can’t even imagine. We wanted to bring you a couple that is actively swinging and letting everyone know what the lifestyle is really like first hand.
On our show today, we have Brenna and Brian also known as Front Porch Swingers. They may be the most open swinging couple in the world because they have blog and podcast that was created to share their experiences. I mean all of their experiences to shed light on the good, the bad, the sexy and the ridiculous in a hope to connect others to this often hidden lifestyle. If you have never talked to a couple that are swingers, this is a unique opportunity for you to get a backstage pass into what it’s like to share your partner sexually with someone else. Before you get all high and mighty about why this is so wrong, hear them out. I assure you they are not on a quest to make everyone swingers. Together let’s peak through the curtains and be voyeurs for a little bit as we all have a conversation with a very normal, loving, committed couple that just so happens to have sex with other people from time to time.

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