Is Radical Honesty the Best Policy? | Brad Blanton, PhD


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Is it ok to tell your wife that she does look fat in that dress? What exactly is the value in lying to her? What would your life be like if you stopped holding back what you thought or felt with your friends and family and expressed yourself completely? Do we all feel like everyone is weak and will crumble back into stardust if they know the truth? Just as Jack Nicholson brilliantly expressed in the movie “A Few Good Men”, are we all screaming to ourselves “You can’t handle the Truth!” Most of us grew up learning from our parents that a little white lie here and there is just part of polite society. No good reason to tell Grandma that her apple pie is the worst desert you have ever eaten in your life. She slaved over it all day to make it perfect. Instead we tell her, “Grandma this apple pie is even better than I remember. I experience all the pleasures of heaven with each and every bite. Can I please have another piece?” By the way….my Grandma’s apple pie was actually amazing and I wish I could have a piece right now. But you get the point! Is it the right thing to lie to our Grandma or should we tell her that her apple pie was terrible? Some say that radical honesty is the answer.
Our guest today, Brad Blanton, Ph.D spent 35 years in the private practice of clinical psychology in Washington, D. C., where he became an expert on lying. He established Radical Honesty Enterprises. He’s famous for his book, Radical Honesty, which has been a nationwide best seller in the U.S. since 1995 and has been published in 14 languages around the world. He has published 7 other books since Radical Honesty came out in 1994. Dr. Blanton believes that the best way to reduce stress, make life work and heal the past is to tell the truth. Radical Honesty means simply to report out loud what you notice in the world, in your body and in your mind. Radical Honesty teaches you a process to get over anger and create real connection. Radical Honesty is a path that brings love, aliveness and forgiveness into your relationships. I think we all want that but we struggle to achieve it. Maybe it’s time to give Radical Honesty a try? Sit back and enjoy this very entertaining interview with Dr. Brad Blanton as he explains what Radical Honesty is all about.

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