Power of Solidarity | Dr. Jose Rodriguez


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What’s more important than good communication? Even if you know what to say you still have to deliver that message in a manner that is understood by the other person. Imagine you are swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea off the Southern coast of France on a perfect summer’s day. Then all the sudden you hear people yelling “Requin, Requin, Requin!!” and pointing your direction. You have no idea what they are saying but you gather that they must be so impressed with your swimming skills that they want everyone to watch you. Just as you’re filled with so much pride for being the world’s greatest swimmer, you feel a shark swim right beside you. At this very moment, you figure out that “Requin” means shark in French you are in trouble. This is why I think some words need to be international words like SHARK….but I digress. Communication is at the heart of human connection which is fundamental to living a life full of solidarity.
Our guest today, Dr. Jose Rodriguez (aka Dr. J) is returning to our podcast for a second time to discuss his awesome Ted Talk titled, “The Power of Solidarity in the Moments of Life”. I love Ted Talks for many reasons and I’m so excited that Dr. J got the opportunity to bring his knowledge to the Tedx audience. We interviewed Dr. J last year in the podcast titled “How to Win Every Argument” and I highly recommend listening to it because Dr. J does a great job explaining how even the smallest of messages matter in the moments of living. For three decades, Dr. J has helped people become better communicators. His work cuts across boundaries in education, business, and contemporary culture. As a Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach, Dr. Rodríguez has received awards for the quality of his research from the National Communication Association, International Communication Association, and Association of Teacher Educators. His work has been featured on ABC7 Eyewitness News and KMEX 34 Univision in Los Angeles. He has also found the time to serve as a trainer and consultant for public and private organizations across the nation, working to create communication solutions for strategic change. Dr. J is awesome and you will love this interview with him.

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