EP55: Zane Schweitzer: 15x World Champ - Big Waves and the Attitude for Gratitude!


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“My near death experience…” When you hear those words from today’s guest on the #MakeYourMark podcast, Zane Schweitzer, you’ll see how it renewed his sense of purpose, and as a 15X World Champion across several water sports, Zane has travelled the world many times over, happens to have a vibrant non-stop energetic personality, all packed into his 26 years! Zane has so many incredible stories, messages of hope, things you can do to save the environment, and how to ride 60 foot waves, all in one episode!

“Not many people look out at what’s in front of them and see the potential of what it can bring to their life. Most look out at an ocean and see a pool of water, of emptiness. I see a church, a playground, a place of refuge that’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week!”

Zane filled an hour + with great advice, deep insight, and a perspective I have yet to have experienced on this podcast! He probably set a record for quotes I could have used, and he truly is a remarkable young man who’s been riding the waves for years!

“With big wave surfing you don’t have that moment to stop and think ‘Oh I’m not ready for this.’ The ocean is always going to keep coming, and you have to know the time to fight and the time to surrender.”

Zane will stir something inside of you, and lead you to positive action, whether it’s for yourself, your friends and family, or the environment that surrounds you. I really look forward to you tuning in to this, you’ll be thrilled you did. Mahalo!

“Swimming was something my parents had me doing before I could walk because I was surrounded by the water.”

“One of my biggest motivations to do well in school was that my parents wouldn’t let me compete or travel if I didn’t have good grades!”

“My near death experience...was a driving factor to not only be the best I can be for my craft, but also consider the actions I’m taking, and the ripple effect they cause. It gave me a much more grounding sense of purpose overall, to leave a positive footprint wherever I go.”

I want to challenge you to embrace the power of choice, and to make choices through your day that not only benefit yourself, but the people around you and your environment.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • 2:00 - Intro
  • 3:00 - Stoked for Zane Schweitzer
  • 4:40 - It all started in Maui, a strong presence of Hawaiian culture
  • 6:40 - One with the waves
  • 8:04 - A Maui funeral, we bring them back to the ocean
  • 9:27 - Winning a competition at just three years old
  • 10:34 - School vs. The Ocean
  • 13:00 - 11 years old and on tour for two months
  • 17:15 - What fueled the fire behind “Beneath the Surface”
  • 19:10 - The Attitude of Gratitude
  • 20:15 - My grandma’s honor
  • 21:30 - Paving the way of stand up paddle surfing & hydro foiling
  • 25:15 - The danger related to the sport
  • 26:41 - When preparation meets opportunity you have success
  • 27:22 - Embracing growth or defeat
  • 28:00 - The big wipe-out scenario
  • 31:00 - It’s the uncertainty that eats you up
  • 33:30 - Turning on that switch
  • 37:50 - The impact zone
  • 40:13 - I was lifeless for almost 8 minutes: a near death experience
  • 44:25 - A newfound revelation to leave a positive footprint wherever I go
  • 45:23 - Struck with compassion
  • 47:00 - The impact one action can make on a person
  • 48:40 - What you can do right now for the environment
  • 56:00 - Bamboo straws
  • 60:10 - Still going strong
  • 67:31 - Challenge you to embrace the power of choice

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