You Betcha Box (Season 2 Ep 27)


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Katie Sterns liked the idea of creating an ecosystem that supported makers in the State of Minnesota. From the idea of creating a fundraising initiative for local makers, the You Betcha Box concept was born. Currently, there are over 15 different You Betcha Boxes to order including the Ultimate Foodie Sota box and various standard sizes chock full of Makers of Minnesota.
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Ultimate Foodie ‘Sota box!

The ultimate gift for your favorite foodie, home cook or favorite clients and employees! This limited-edition curated selection of Minnesota’s very best, award-winning foods from artisan makers across the State. This fantastic, one-of-a-kind collection also includes exclusive recipes using these products from well-known Minnesotans like James Beard Award Winner Beth Dooley and Stephanie Hansen! And, if that’s not enough, it’s all packed in this quality Duluth-made Frost River Trading Co. canvas lunch/picnic tote. This gift is sure to ‘Wow!’

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