Episode 69: Mekale Jackson, Creative Director, St. John's University Athletics


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“You can always learn from anyone — you can learn from people older than you, you can earn from people younger than you — always be open. Always be open to critique.”

On this week’s podcast, Mekale Jackson from St. John's University athletics joins us to discuss working for New York's college hoops program.

Mekale gives us some insight into his background prior to St. John's where he discovered graphic design & Photoshop in college as an English major at the University of Michigan by stumbling across a fraternity flyer.

Detroit, Mekale's hometown, is a place of inspiration for creativity and art despite the negative stereotypes the Internet & media says about the city and Mekale shares his love for the city with us including a few fav artists he follows.

We also discuss Under Armour's relationship with St. John's basketball, its value to the school for recruiting and brand recognition, as well as that one time Steph Curry practiced in their facilties.

Lastly, Mekale explains why he chooses to self-brand himself as a "sports creative director" rather than a graphic designer or sports designer.

Mentions include:

My next guest is going to be Brian Gundell. Brian is a freelance graphic designer in Portland, Oregon. Prior to joining the freelance ranks, Brian had stints at Old Hat Design, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the University of Washington football program.

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