Solving the Diversity Gap by Manufacturing a Fruit Salad


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Co-host Jim Carr, Jason Zenger and Nick Goellner are joined by Andrew Crowe, Ranken Technical College Instructor and Senior Machinist at Seiler to discuss the diversity and skills gap the manufacturing industry is facing today.

Tune in as you learn Andrew's vision to create a more diverse manufacturing community and a ways recruiting, educating, and funding are impacting the skills gap we face today in this episode of MakingChips.


  • Jason shares positive news about Zenger's Industrial. (3:14)
  • The guys introduce this week's guest, Andrew Crowe. (8:29)
  • Andrew shares his experience during the 2008 recession. (12:30)
  • Andrew gives insight on why and how he got involved in the manufacturing industry. (13:09)
  • The guys discuss diversity in manufacturing. (19:40)
  • Dissecting the skills gap and diversity in manufacturing: Image or awareness? (21:35)
  • Ways to expose manufacturing to different communities and cultures. (23:02)
  • Andrew shares his vision to create a more diverse manufacturing community. (24:18)
  • Andrew shares his strategies in bringing in more talent into the workforce. (26:25)
  • Awareness, curriculum and funding: How to solve them? (32:00)

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