AI and Ariel Utnik discuss disrupting the transcription industry


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Hosted by Al Martin, VP, IBM Expert Services Delivery, Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.

This week on Making Data Simple, we have Ariel Utnik. Ariel is COO and GM at Verbit, an AI-driven transcription and captioning solution, Ariel has over 20 years of experience in enterprise tech, focusing on driving business efficiencies and enabling scale through AI. He can speak to how AI is transforming industries – from our court systems to entertainment and education – and how it can be used to democratize information across the globe. Ariel has a strong customer focused background (Like Al), Chief customer officer at Feedvisor, VP customer success at Panaya, and VP Customer success at Clarizen.

Show Notes
2:51 – Tell us about customer success

4:35 – How do you make the transition from Chief Customer Officer to COO?

6:47 – What is Verbit’s main mission objective?

14:15 – How many languages do you support?

14:42 – What makes Verbit’s technology better?

19:10 – How do you train your AI?

22:47 – What solutions does Verbit offer?

27:20 – How far are we from a chat translator?

32:30 – What is the size of the market?


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