#59: How To Know It’s Time To Go


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In this episode of the Making Disciples Podcast, Robby and Chris talk about knowing when it’s time for a pastor to consider moving to another church.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to know when it’s time to leave a particular ministry.
  • Why it’s important to help staff members transition in a way that glorifies God.
  • Why a ministry is not a stepping stone to get ahead.

Shareable Quotes (#MakingDisciplesPodcast):

  • “Pastors aren’t just called to a church. They are called to the community.” – @rgallaty
  • “Fruitfulness is the result of faithfulness.” – @rgallaty
  • “If you are not sold out to a mission of the church, then it’s time to move on.” – @rgallaty

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