#11 Play is the Engine of Learning: An Interview With Dan Finkel


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Episode #11: PLAY IS THE ENGINE OF LEARNING: An Interview With Dan Finkel

Show notes page: http://makemathmoments.com/episode11

Play is the engine of learning, that’s the mission of Dan Finkel and his team at MathForLove.com. Over the next 60 minutes, we’ll dive into Dan’s story about how he fell in love with math and in particular, teaching with games in the math classroom, he’ll give us some background behind his extremely popular TED Talk on the 5 principles of extraordinary math teaching and he’ll give us 3 things he looks for when selecting games for use in the math classroom.

You’ll Learn:

  • How playing games can strengthen our math skills.
  • Lessons we learn from games can have an impact in our own math learning.
  • Three conditions for games in the math classroom.


Dan’s Ted Talk


Tiny Polka Dots

Prime Climb

Ted Ed Riddle - NIM

Proofiness - Charles Seife [Book]

Teaching with your mouth shut - Donald Finkel [Book]

Creating Innovators - Tony Wagner [Book]

Game PIG

Math For Love Curriculum.


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