#13 : Where Assessment & Practice fit in Curiosity Sparked Lessons: A Math Mentoring Moment with Sam Brotherton.


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In episode 13 you’ll listen to Sam Brotherton, a teacher from St. Louis Missouri. Sam’s been teaching for 5 years and we chat with him on this Math Mentoring Moment episode of the Making Math Moments that Matter Podcast about struggling with the idea of where assessments fit in his routines. Sam’s been teaching with 3-act math lessons, desmos activities, and a variety of other great resources he’s gathered from the math community but he’s noticing, much like we did early on, that when it comes to standardized tests, or those word problems from the textbook his students aren’t performing any better.

Show Notes: http://makemathmoments.com/episode13

You’ll Learn:

  • How you can incorporate assessment into your daily lessons.
  • How to transition from a 3 act math task to typical word problems.
  • How to ensure students can solve word problems after learning through task.
  • Where practice fits in your curiosity sparked lessons.
  • How to sequence student solutions to maximize the connecting stage of your productive discussions.
  • New engaging practice structures that can replace the typical worksheet.

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