#14 : Pi Of Life: An interview with Sunil Singh


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We’re bringing on a colleague, friend, and fellow Ontarian from the math education world. He’s the author of Pi of Life and his soon to be released book, Math Recess, an international keynote speaker and a part of the BuzzMath team. We talk about the simplicity of mathematics, how learning mathematics should be more like the preparation of a fantastic meal rather than just serving up the final finished dish, and finally, Sunil gives us some suggestions for how we can teach effectively.

Show notes: http://makemathmoments.com/episode14

You'll Learn:

  • How “messy” learning can be more beneficial than “neat” learning.
  • How can we create a love of math with our families and students.
  • How we can redefine success for each student. How can we teach students and not just teach math.

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