#40: How Do I Know When To Proceed Or Pivot My Plan? [Math Mentoring Moment]


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This week we speak with Michael Rubin, a Math Moment Maker who has been diving into a TON of Math Professional Learning over the past year as he gears up to make a return to the math classroom. Join in on the conversation as Michael shares his recent successes learning from the many math educators sharing online, our weekly tasks/tips/tools weekly email, as well as some epiphanies he’s had since taking our Online Workshop recently.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Do I Teach Through Task?
  • What Learning & Preparation Do I Need To Do?
  • What Strategies Can Help All My Students?
  • What is Spiralling & Why Everyone Should Be Doing It?
  • What Should I Consider When Planning To Spiral?
  • How Long Should A Cycle Typically Take?
  • How Can I Help Struggling Students?

Show Notes: https://makemathmoments.com/episode40

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