#49: Adding Parents To The Equation: An Interview with Hilary Kreisberg & Matthew Beyranevand


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We have two wonderful and hilariously entertaining educators who are passionate about helping parents navigate math education. Hilary Kresiberg and Matthew Beyranevand have co authored an amazing book called Adding Parents To The Equation. Stick around and learn how to help parents help their children with math at home, what resources parents can use to help nurture mathematics with their children, how to help parents navigate educational jargon, how to help parents develop their own growth mindset, how to support parents with the actual mathematics we teach and what teachers can do to support parents from the classroom.

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to help parents help their children with math at home.
  2. What resources can parents use at home to help nurture mathematics.
  3. How to help parents navigate educational jargon
  4. How to help parents with growth mindset
  5. How to support parents with mathematics.
  6. How teachers can support parents.


Adding Parents To The Equation [Book]


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Mathematical Mindsets [Book]


@mathwithmatthew ← free copy of his book if you tag him



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