#6: Looking for Joy in Mathematics Joy: An Interview with James Tanton


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This week we interview the great James Tanton. Author, curriculum writer, speaker, creator of Exploding Dots and spreader of joyous mathematics! We bet that you’ll find yourself smiling as you listen to James’ enthusiasm for joyous mathematics.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Education at all levels K-12 is intellectually rich, profound, deep, wonderful, and equally important.
  • How to make math joyous, wonderful, and human.
  • Why we teachers don’t always have to be the experts in the room.
  • The Power of symmetry in math education.
  • Clues throughout algebra that speak geometry.
  • The human story of mathematics is a visual one.
  • The power of place value. Exploding Dots gives a visual model for place value.
  • Why we should empower students to choose their own models to showcase their thinking.


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