Mike Goodman and the future of football analytics; Real Madrid mailbag with Kiyan and Lucas


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This episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast is in two parts.

Part one (Kiyan Sobhani, Mike Goodman)

  • What is the StatsBomb conference?
  • What is the 'right pass' in football from any given part of the pitch
  • Statistically, the best way to score a goal
  • Defensive setups -- how to break down low blocks
  • New metric: 'expected threat'
  • The eye-test / stats debate, and Kevin Durant logging on to Twitter to talk about 'feel'
  • Valuing the art of pressing
  • Where does Real Madrid rank among the best pressing teams?
  • Fatigue and its correlation with press
  • And more

Part two (Kiyan Sobhani, Lucas Navarette)

  • Clasico updates
  • From a footballing perspective, is it better for Real Madrid to play this game in October or December?
  • How worried should we be about Eden Hazard
  • Dani Ceballos's development
  • The "Ronaldo effect" and how to replace it
  • What's the starting XI if everyone is healthy and available (including the loanees)
  • Decisions decisions -- so many this summer
  • Where does Zidane see James and Isco if everyone is healthy?
  • Chances of winning the league
  • Jovic and Mariano playing time
  • Links with these midfielders: Fabian Ruiz, Christian Eriksen, Donny van de Beek
  • Should we be looking at these names or promoting from within
  • What is Martin Odegaard's best role? Kiyan spoke with one of Odegaard's coaches about this
  • And more

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