(027) Fereng On A Leash ft. AWildSilas


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What is up fellow workers! On this episode, Chris and Dave have a couple beers and a Hangouts with @AWildSilas, a game YouTuber, video essayist, and soonish-to-be published author. We don't get too heavy, our old noggins needed a break but we had a blast with this one! Bernie n Gravel // Superheroes ain't it chief // MySpace edgelord days // How can media be revolutionary? // Gay Trek Communism // + more. Follow AWildSilas here! YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/AWildSilas Tweets: @AWildSilas Take your lunch, head on home, or kick your feet up with us :) We got your back <3 **We are the OFFICIAL podcast of @WestVirginiaIWW** Reach out at wviww@protonmail.com

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