203 - One Shot 14 - Manga Poverty


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We're joined by lovely manga journalist Deb Aoki this week to talk about the changes in the Western manga industry, compare them to the problems in Japanese publishing that are addressed in Shuho Sato's memoir "Manga Poverty", and rejoice over the plethora of recent manga licensing news! Follow Deb on Twitter! @debaoki Contact Deb for business on her website! http://www.debaoki.com/ Read Deb's column "Manga Answerman" at Anime News Network! https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/answerman/ Remember to send us emails! manga@alltalkpodcast.com Follow us on Twitter! @mangamacpodcast Check out our tumblr! http://mangamachinations.tumblr.com Join our brand new Discord server and come talk to us! http://discord.me/mangamac Time Stamps: 00:00:00 - Intro Song: “More One Night” by Chito & Yuuri from "Girls’ Last Tour", Opening, getting to know Deb, Deb learning to draw from Dave Throne in Hawaii 00:08:36 - Questions: Deb explains how fans can help get manga localized, discussing what publishers consider when choosing what to publish 00:15:25 - Deb tells us how Japanese publishers still focus on Japan first despite the growth of worldwide manga sales 00:17:55 - darfox wonders what influence a series' popularity in the west does for new series in "Shonen Jump" 00:22:10 - we discuss the grueling process of creating under deadlines and the effect it had the family life of Masashi Kishimoto & Hayao Miyazaki and the health of Tezuka Osamu and Shotaro Ishinomori, Deb talks about the franchising of manga series 00:30:37 - Deb gives her thoughts on the quality of user interface/experience for digital manga readers of comixology/cruchyroll/VIZ, we discuss the growth of comics adapting from a published page format to a more digital friendly layout 00:38:03 - Main Segment One Shot: "Manga Poverty", Transition Song: “Shadow and Truth” by ONE III NOTES from "ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.", we talk about Shuho Sato's history with publishers, Sato providing an affordable rental work space for manga artist, the current interest into cultivating online manga stores in Japan, Cork agency, the amount of control manga artist get over their intellectual property, the debt that manga artists accumulate even after success, Felipe Smith having to finance his own assistant, the varying representation of manga artists within manga, how honest and accurate Sato is being about the manga industry, the Japanese version that comes with a manga foreword, how libraries are normalizing comics/manga to the current American society, and the Manga Reborn project 01:13:26 - News: brand new manga publisher Denpa Books will be publishing "Kaiji", "Inside Mari", "PEZ", "Maiden Railways", and others 01:17:03 - Deb gives some insight on why the licensing of books like "Urusei Yatsura", "Baki", "Devilman", and "The Poe Clan" have happened recently 01:23:04 - we talk about the business potential of bringing over Japanese theatrical adaptations of manga/anime, Deb's says "Haikyu!!" over "The Prince of Tennis" 01:28:38 - Whatchu Been Reading: Transition Song: "Dragon Ball Z" OST “Prologue”, Deb hated "Shibuya Kingyo" but is looking forward to "Witch Hat Atelier" 01:30:32 - dakazu clarifies his thoughts about "Spicy Cafe Girl" to darfox, darfox has become a mega fan of "Kaiji" 01:36:52 - Deb really likes "Investor Z" despite the ugly artwork, "One-Punch Man" season 2 is coming in Spring of 2019 01:41:27 - Seamus has read a collection of "Masahiko Matsumoto" manga that has simple art but mature storylines, Deb suggests the upcoming "Yoshiharu Tsuge" book from Drawn & Quarterly 01:44:38 - dakazu finds the popularity of pretty boy serial killers of "Satsukare" a little disturbing 01:47:28 - Next Week’s Topic: One Shot of "Nijigahara Holograph" by Inio Asano, Social Media Rundown, Sign Off Song: “wish men” by sunbrain from "Beet the Vandel Buster"

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