"This Day For That Day" • 2 Timothy 4:6-8 • 2019 August 25 • Brad Hannink


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2 Timothy 4:6-8 Vs 6 We will finish life well when we offer ourselves to God every day, and when we view our death as a departure, not a disaster. Vs 7 Following Jesus means fighting evil, however, victory is certain when we put on God’s armor, depend on His power, study His scripture, and walk by His Spirit. Vs 7 We will finish well when we stay focused on Jesus, and eliminate everything that keeps us from running well. Vs 7 Guard the treasure of God’s Word by knowing what it says, and then passing that truth onto others. Vs 8 Since we will all stand before Jesus on that day, we should be careful to live godly lives on this day. ••• Subscribe to listen each week as the Manna class learns and grows together through their in-depth study of God's Word. This comprehensive, expository series is taught by Brad Hannink, a gifted communicator of the Bread of Life. Manna is a Bible study life group that meets at Valley Baptist Church, located at 4800 Fruitvale Ave. in Bakersfield, California. Manna believes in doing life together. If you’re in need of prayer, email us your request at mannabiblepodcast@gmail.com and our class will be happy to add it to our prayer list. Members of Manna get together each week to pray for those on the prayer list. For more information, visit mannapodcast.com. ©2018 & 2019 - Brad Hannink - All Rights Reserved

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