Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/24/20


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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO Host Brian Mudd fills in. Bernie Sanders praises Fidel Castro's regime as 'not all bad' citing Castro's literacy program, despite the regime's total confiscation of property and total control of all Cubans' lives. Educational systems have been co-opted by communists to promote socialism as a good economic system. Lamentably, the Democrats have no moderates in the race; each candidate offers less freedom for Americans. We must stop socialism every chance we get. Democrats need to disavow the socialist infiltration of their party. Then, President Trump gets a warm reception in India as he's received to a stadium with 100,000 Indians cheering him on. Despite the smears of the Democrats and the soft attempted-coup on his Presidency, Trump, Bill Barr, and John Durham continue correcting the record and ensuring that this doesn't happen to another president or campaign ever again. Later, the World Health Organization comments on the spread of the Coronavirus. Now more than ever we have to secure our borders to protect the lives of all Americans.

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