Content. Not Just A Marketing Thing. Guest: Steli Efti,


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Content is typically the domain of very, very cool marketers (like us, right?).

But Steli Efti, the CEO of, is building a sales-driven CRM machine by leveraging content across the funnel. This guy gets it; he's written a baker's dozen of sales books and is scaling a Y-Combinator backed powerhouse.

Plus, how often do you hear a sales guy say things like this:

I'd rather have like an ideal customer share a blog post that we have with 30 other ideal customers that's much more valuable to me than getting some celebrity to tweet about our content that gets us 100,000 uniques from an audience that could never purchase our product

Tune in for the three core ingredients on how Steli built (and is scaling) a huge sales+marketing machine.

And for witty jokes by me.

What more could you want?

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