Hamburgers, Vests, and (Actual) Account Based Marketing (Amit Bivas, Optimove)


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You know the way you tell the dentist you floss every day...but the dentist knows that on a good week, you floss it once or twice?

So yea, that...but account-based marketing.

There are so many marketers who embrace ABM but don't necessarily go all in. Heck, I'm one of them.

In this podcast, we talk to Amit Bivas, the VP Marketing at Optimove, about full-on ABM. We also talk what differentiates great segmentation from "eh" segmentation (this is literally what they do), his recipe for product-oriented ABM, the specific tools he uses (hint, you already use one of them), and more.

For more, including a sample of Amit's awesome product-oriented campaigns (hi, lululemon!), a showcase of Optimove content, some of Amit's favorite marketing articles, and more, head over to the show notes at

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