Turning Your Users Into Marketers with Jonny Steel, VP Global Marketing @ Payoneer


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Okay, not to get too deep into your marketing budget but what if you could hire two million marketers? That's exactly what Payoneer did.

In a world of platforms - Airbnbs, Ubers, Amazons and Alibabas - sellers need to get paid.

And powering a shocking number of these sales is Payoneer, a unicorn that got started early and never stopped. In this episode of Marketers in Capes with GCMO, we host Jonny Steel, Payoneers' VP Marketing, to dive into the early days of Payoneer and how a killer combo of localization, community, and events transformed their users into their best marketers.

We also explore how an event strategy that included 30+ events annually pivoted to digital, how virtual events are different than physical ones (it's not just because you're not wearing pants), dealing with crisis communication, and more.

Learn more about Jonny and Payoneer in the show notes at buchman.co.il/payoneer

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