6 Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Facebook Video Ads with Michael Koral | #55


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Ep #55: There are small things that will increase your conversion. For example, your 5 seconds of the Facebook video ads are the most important one. You need to get people attention right away or they will leave.

We’ll talk about what to put there and what don’t include. And there are many more things to improve.

In this episode, Michael Koral shares about six things you're doing wrong with your Facebook video ads and how you can improve them.

Michael, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Digital Advertising RoboAgency and platform, Needls, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Michael helps other businesses reach potential clients at just the right time. Needls, the first ever RoboAgency, is the easiest and most effective way to advertise online. The Needls ad platform allows businesses to automatically create, target and optimize digital ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Michael Koral
  • [01:52] Michael shares his journey as an entrepreneur starting his cleaning company, working at Xerox a few digital services and finally found himself on Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • [05:17] Before he opened his current company he tested many Facebook video ads working with other companies
  • [05:49] One of the key components of the good Facebook video ads, you need to capture people’s attention within first 5 seconds
  • [06:45] Have a text below the video so people would understand what’s going on even if they mute their phones
  • [07:49] To get better results your Facebook video ads should start as something social like your friends and family would post
  • [10:04] Run another Facebook video ads campaign retargeting those who already watched your video, but didn’t buy yet
  • [10:39] There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to create a fancy video. Use services like slide.ly/promo to easily create beautiful Facebook video ads on a budget
  • [11:57] Start your video with solving people’s problem
  • [13:14] Create subtitles for your video. You can do it by yourself or outsource it to the freelancer
  • [14:07] What should be on your first second of the video as a thumbnail
  • [15:13] Have Facebook Pixel installed on your site to be able to retarget your ad campaigns
  • [16:39] To analyze the results reach at least 1000 viewers before making decisions
  • [17:32] Test 2-3 video ads at the same time
  • [18:28] When you test your ads change the small things to see what converts better. You can even have the same video, but change other attributes of the ads
  • [20:49] How to define if the campaign was successful
  • [22:09] Don’t put much emphasis on relevancy score and positive/negative feedback
  • [23:41] Tips on how to better retarget your Facebook video ads
  • [25:02] When you retarget your ad till people buy from you keep it about the same product or service
  • [27:05] Figuring out which ad works better look at your click-through rates
  • [29:39] Where to find Michael online
  • [32:06] For the show notes go to IntNetworkPlus.com and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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