Everything You Need to Get to a Public Speaking to Build Your Brand with Christa Haberstock | #47


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Ep #47: Public speaking gives a lot of exposure to your business and your personal brand. To get to the public speaking you can approach everyone with everything or get prepared with your show real, credentials, and the right topics. And those are just a few things that you can start with.

In this episode, Christa Haberstock Colson shares tips on everything you need to get to a public speaking to build your brand.

Christa is President & Founder of See Agency, the industry’s fastest growing speaker management outfit. She manages, consults and represents a cadre of elite corporate talent, personally booking over $3M of speakers annually into corporate events.

Christa is both an accomplished Recording Artist and Actor. She has written, performed, and produced award-winning songs which received radio play in the US, Canada, and West Africa.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Christa Haberstock Colson
  • [01:46] Christa shares her journey from being a musician to opening a speaker management agency
  • [03:11] Why she calls herself an accidental entrepreneur
  • [04:51] The way to become bookable as a speaker is to take everything you have and combine that with the sellable package
  • [06:25] The best thing you can do is create a great keynote speaking reel in three versions: short, medium and full length
  • [07:49] What to include into your public speaking reel and how long it should be
  • [09:06] Whether you need to have a presentation of yourself and the part of your keynote speech in the public speaking reel and how to present them
  • [10:43] Prepare additional information about yourself such as social proof, BIO, testimonials about your public speaking
  • [11:49] It’s important to have an introduction, which is different than you BIO
  • [13:08] Have three topics that you speak about. More than three may be too many
  • [13:37] The topics you pick needs to be similar enough that they won’t seem like you try to be all things to all people
  • [14:58] What’s better to have a different title and similar content all the time or different topics and different content
  • [16:44] Christa had a meeting with the client and another agent where they discussed how often you need to change the topic of public speaking
  • [18:06] Don’t diversify too much from who you are
  • [19:04] What to do if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur and can talk about different topics with the example of Christa’s story of trying to get the US green card and being rejected twice
  • [24:43] Three things that will help you to become a public speaker
  • [26:34] Don’t be afraid to do free public speaking as you may get the bigger opportunities when some of the listeners will refer you
  • [28:28] The tips on pricing your public speaking
  • [30:44] Use any ways that work for you to apply for public speaking
  • [31:49] The strategy that will help you to get booked with public speaking
  • [33:20] Where to find Christa online
  • [33:49] For the show notes go to IntNetworkPlus.com and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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