How to Be Productive in Business and Get 2x More Things Done with Neen James | #42


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Ep #42: When you escape working for someone 40 hours a week you find out that as an entrepreneur you start working 80 hours a week. There is just always something to do, don’t you think so? If you know what it is and you want to be productive in business and your life this episode is for you.

In this episode, Neen James shares how to be productive in business and get 2x more things done.

Neen is a leadership and attention expert focused on productivity and obsessed with helping leaders get more done so they can create more significant moments in life.

She is the kind of speaker who engages, educates and entertains. Neen delivers the real-world solutions and results that apply in your organization, your home and your community.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Neen James
  • [01:52] Neen shares what she does as an entrepreneur
  • [02:31] To be productive in business prioritize your priorities
  • [03:20] Make a 15 minutes appointment with yourself to identify your top 3 important activities
  • [04:15] How to be productive in the daily routine when you still have a lot of things to be done
  • [05:06] As an entrepreneur get very clear on what your objectives are for this year and put them into 5 categories: spiritual, relational, physical, financial and educational
  • [06:53] How to pick what matters for your business more right now
  • [08:25] You will be more productive if you put your work into the systems, procedures, templates.
  • [09:18] If you can’t afford extra help or services - barter your skills and time
  • [10:47] Neen shares the systems that help her and her virtual assistants to be productive in business
  • [13:12] How to motivate your team to be more productive
  • [15:03] How to deal with two extremes that entrepreneurs face when they start working with the assistant: still doing most of the work on their own or give too much work to the assistant that they can even learn how to do it well enough
  • [18:56] What to do with self-sabotaging and procrastination
  • [21:58] 15 minutes is the key to business development
  • [22:45] how to manage your daily tasks to be more productive in business and make at least 2x more things done every day
  • [25:13] You can’t manage time, but you can manage your attention. Start thinking about where are you focusing your attention
  • [26:04] Where to find Neen and her book Attention Pay online
  • [26:34] For the show notes go to and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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