How to Organize a Workshop for Your Creative Business with Peter Hurley | #59


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Ep #59: Hosting a workshop can be a way to make extra money or even have it as a business model. Let's go through the example of organizing a photography workshop.

We will talk about what you need for that, why shouldn’t you worry if other people will kind of steal your business ideas and what mistakes to avoid.

In this episode, Peter Hurley shares how to organize a workshop for your creative business

Peter is the premier headshot photographer in New York City. He is known for the genuine expressions he captures in his actors' headshots and executive business portraits.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Peter Hurley
  • [01:31] Peter shares how being trained for the Olympics led to his modeling work and turned into a photography
  • [03:23] How one interview motivated him to organize a workshop for other photographers
  • [05:08] How doing photography and organizing workshops perfectly match each other in business
  • [07:02] Peter’s thoughts on what if you tell all the technical and business secrets and someone will open the same business nearby you trying to get your clients
  • [11:16] How to pick the topic for the workshop
  • [12:26] How to organize a workshop and Peter’s experience from his first workshop compared to what he has now
  • [16:00] How Peter finds the place for the workshop
  • [17:34] How to price the workshop
  • [20:01] Don’t do free workshops. Instead, you may have a free talk with the community and sell something there
  • [21:25] An example of how Peter would offer the paid products on the free people’s gathering together
  • [22:16] How Peter markets his workshops
  • [24:09] Avoid these mistakes when you organize a workshop
  • [25:57] How to be comfortable when you do a workshop
  • [27:00] The foundation that will help you easier to organize a workshop
  • [29:21] How organizing workshops had a huge impact on Peter’s business and personal brand
  • [30:40] Where to find Peter online and how to find a good photographer for your headshot trained by Peter in your area
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