How Your Small Business Can Win the Big Guys with Creative Marketing with Ulli Appelbaum | #50


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Ep #50: As an entrepreneur, you have an advantage of being more personal with people, test things faster and other benefits. There is no need to chase big businesses' success. Instead, use your resources to stand out as you are.

In this episode, Ulli Appelbaum shares how your small business can win the big guys with creative marketing.

Ulli has vast expertise in marketing and brand strategy. His international experience in coming up with fresh perspectives to position a brand, product or company as well as in innovation has helped companies, large and small, go from zero to success, without breaking the bank.

Ulli’s system of flashcards helps executives and teams overcome their mental barriers and see their company in a different light and inspire fresh perspectives on businesses and categories.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[00:22] About the episode and Ulli Appelbaum [02:06] Ulli shares his story where he sold t-shirts in school, worked for the big corporations, and ended up starting his own company [04:15] What small businesses can do right now large company can't [07:38] How small business can get their market among big companies [09:41] An example of picking a local beer, which is produced by the local small business, over buying from the large brand [10:54] We’re in the people business so as a small business you can be closer to your customers [13:21] Take what you offer and your personality and translate them into a proposition that is appealing to your customers [15:02] Social media let you test idea, find products and let you be closer to your potential customers [15:55] How Betabrand use social media to test new design concepts [18:05] People like to be involved, give them the opportunity to help you [19:28] No matter what business you have it’s not B2B or B2C, it’s P2P - people to people business [20:32] How the local cider company grew their business literally knocking to every single door of the various retailers [23:03] Big companies looking for the ways to work with the small businesses, you just need to get in front of them [24:28] How two guys started producing hand-made energy bars that were sold to Kellogg later for $600,000,000 [26:06] The barrier to innovation is listening only to the information that confirms your beliefs [27:01] How Ulli started an online community for moms and why it didn’t work out [29:08] Surround yourself with the experts [29:45] Never use your family and friends for business advice, but find professionals who have business experience and know what they are talking about [31:49] The pillars that will let you do and produce whatever you want in business [34:57] Where to find Ulli online [35:30] For the show notes go to and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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