The Challenge When Life and Work Seem Good, but You Feel Unhappy with Nichole Carlson | #63


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Ep #63: You may do the work which makes you a decent amount of money, have a relationship that looks good and your friends tell that you’re a perfect couple, your family is happy that you all on set and it may feel that everything goes as it supposed to be, but deep inside you know that there is something missing.

Our today’s guest Nichole Carlson had what people call the American dream: great job, a house, a husband - a perfect life as many people would say. But she felt unhappy. To change it she left everything, even got a divorce and started all over. That turned into a happy life and the business she likes.

In this episode, I talk with Nichole Carlson about the challenge when life and work seem good, but you feel unhappy.

Nichole Carlson is a high-performance coach with a proven track record of helping high performing leaders regain alignment and life balance while leveling up their professional performance. She helps leaders flip a switch so they can make more money, have more passion, and have more energy.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and Nichole Carlson
  • [02:17] Nichole shares how she got into the American dream life but felt so miserable that after her mom passed away she decided to change her life, left her job and got a divorce
  • [04:29] Why she got married to the guy she didn’t trust and had a job that didn’t like
  • [06:02] The society gives pressure on what you should do instead of you pursuing what you really want
  • [06:46] When Nichole was even homeless for a month in a foreign country, but it was by her choice and she still kept looking for herself
  • [08:02] She started rebuilding her life after she got back home and started a business
  • [08:56] Trying different new things helps to discover what you really like doing
  • [10:21] Why Nichole changed her career so significantly
  • [11:49] How the new vision changed her perspective on what success is
  • [14:26] How to deal with the fear of significant life changes like quitting your job and starting a business
  • [17:27] How to start shifting your career and life to the new direction
  • [19:32] Get a coach that will help you to go through the changes you want to have
  • [22:00] Listen to your emotions to figure out where the biggest pain point in your life and start your changes from there
  • [24:17] When you focus on your emotions and what you actually want you will be able to find out the small steps to take
  • [25:34] Your emotions connect every aspect of your life. When you’re happy your business is growing
  • [27:31] How to deal with the fear of failure
  • [29:47] How to find the work-life balance
  • [34:48] Where to find Nichole online
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