The Techniques That Will Help You Generate New Business Ideas with James Taylor | #64


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Ep #64: Do you consider yourself as a creative person who can bring something new on the table any time or the one who is a pro in one thing and for the rest you usually say “no, I’m not so talented?"

Well, whether you are one or another, I have good news for you. Today we gonna learn how to be even more creative and we will put that into the action.

Probably if you want to fill your day with creativity and productivity it will require you to cut on the daily coffin and get some green decorations around you, but those are a just a few secrets that our today’s guest James Taylor will share with you.

James is an award-winning speaker and internationally recognized leader in creativity and innovation.

For over 20 years, he has been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, writers and rockstars how to build innovative organizations and design the creative life they desire.

As the founder of C.SCHOOL™ and host of The Creative Life Podcast and TV Show, he’s taught hundreds of thousands of individuals in over 120 countries through his online courses, books, videos and keynote speeches.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:22] About the episode and James Taylor
  • [02:03] James shares his journey from being a musician to working in the Silicon Valley and then becoming a professional speaker
  • [04:50] Why James switched his career a few times and what are the benefits of that
  • [06:15] Why some people have many creative ideas and other people are luck of them
  • [08:30] Don’t be afraid to be playful in business and marketing it will set you above other businesses
  • [09:58] First, understand yourself and what you like doing then apply it to your marketing
  • [11:53] How to create one piece of content and then creatively distribute it in many ways
  • [13:32] Look at how other people create content and how you can model that
  • [15:21] The short form content is quicker to create, while the long form deep content is good when you write a book or prepare your keynote speech
  • [17:22] The key to successful marketing is creating a great work regardless of what you’re doing
  • [18:40] Understand your audience and create content for that one person - your ideal avatar
  • [20:49] If you enjoy creating the specific types of content think of how you can make it valuable for other people
  • [22:12] What to do with those creative ideas that constantly come to your mind
  • [23:27] James get together with his team every three months to plan the next quarter of projects
  • [24:16] When you have many ideas ask yourself a question: which one of those ideas, if I do it well, would make all the other ideas easier or not required?
  • [26:13] Get a support of other people. If necessary find a coach or mentor
  • [27:46] If your family members have no ideas about how to build a business that’s not a good place to go for an advice
  • [29:03] If James could pick only one mentor he would pick his wife as she is also his business partner
  • [29:59] Why James first recommended not to choose a family member as a mentor, but himself choose his wife for that. The difference between people
  • [31:51] How to set up your day to be more creative, energized, and productive
  • [36:26] Where to find James online
  • [37:03] For the show notes go to and subscribe to the Marketing for Creatives show

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