What to Do if You Got Stuck in Business with Marina Barayeva | #28


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Ep #28: Let’s say you’re working somehow already. But you feel like you want to get more out of business. Do you want to get more clients? Do you want to have more sales? Do you want to have more time out of business? What is that that’s missing? In this episode, we gonna talk about what to do if you got stuck in business. Let’s analyze your business. Take a look at it and write down every stage of your sale. Time Stamped Show Notes:
  • [00:22] About this episode
  • [00:55] Analyze the sales process of your business
  • [03:35] Write down what’s missing in each part of the process and what you would improve
  • [04:26] Are you satisfied with the clients you have and money they pay?
  • [05:19] Narrow down each audience you work with. Example of how to do that
  • [08:08] How to be better in consulting people and sell more
  • [09:55] Practice how to consult your clients on your friends
  • [10:35] Have 100 sales conversations to practice consulting and selling without having actual goal to sell
  • [12:20] You can have several parts of the process of providing your service or selling product
  • [13:53] Would you use your service? What would you improve there?
  • [15:53] One of the key points, when you sell something, is listening to the person
  • [17:22] What to do after you deliver your service
  • [18:18] Let your clients know that you remember about them, remind about yourself from time to time
  • [19:56] Write down the solution to every step of the sales process that you want to improve
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