#104: Why You Need Automations to Scale and Grow


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One way to grow a business faster is to learn to leverage your time to stay in your zone of genius.

But unfortunately, that’s so much easier said than done. Until you learn how to automate the system and processes in your business.

Are you ready for your business to run more smoothly? I know this is something that A LOT of business owners struggle with on the inside of their businesses.

Setting up processes, systems and automations will save you so many hours per month and that’s exactly what today’s guest, Jessica Danielle came on the podcast to discuss.

Having these things in place will truly set you up to be able to grow and scale your business.

In this episode, Jessica shares what she does to help serve her clients and the tools she uses to help them run efficiently. We talk about some of the reasons people avoid putting systems in place and how you can build them out to be suited for your preferences.

She shares what type of clients she typically works with, what she is loving about her business and how you can get your automations in check!

We talk about:

  • What Jessica does as a Virtual Assistant and Notion Consultant
  • How she got started in her own business
  • How she helps clients get back time in their day
  • Tools Jessica uses for herself and others
  • What she does to help people with Notion
  • The types of clients that Jessica works with
  • The primary apps she uses with clients
  • What she’s loving right now in her business
  • What her course is and how it helps you outsource and delegate
  • Her new intensive that helps clients automate systems and processes

About Jessica Danielle:

I’m a former administrative assistant, turned Virtual Assistant. I’m a powerhouse of all thing’s productivity: from how to make processes quicker, to setting up automation’s. I can spot an error in an excel spreadsheet a mile away (nerdy, I know), and I get to know new programs and software like the back of my hand.

My journey in the administrative industry started 15+ years ago, fresh out of high school and ready for the world. I fell in love and I’ve never looked back. I have helped so many get organized, simplified processes and helped automate like a BOSS.

I’m obsessed with figuring out how to be more productive, organized and streamlined while keeping up with new software to help you run your business like a pro. I want to help you leave a legacy with your business and lean into your expertise—we’ll start by helping you find those gaps and get you hyper-organized so you never have to look at a to-do list and be stressed again.

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