The power of FREE... electricians don't give away your most valuable resource as the first thing! - Episode 19


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Hey guys James Wrest here from Marketing Secrets For Electricians and today we're looking at the word FREE and it's a powerful tool that has been used for centuries essentially because it's effective people want FREE things they're attracted to that word... they get something for nothing in effect and it's used in businesses today if you look around online and just you know you drive around I'm sure you'll see a free advert get this free thing however electricians we use free in a different manner that is not very effective so I want to talk about that see what we can do to change that so let's look into it..
so I'm going to go back to when I was

running my own electrical business and

how I would use free in that business

and go from there so essentially the

free marketing or the free thing that I

would give out was a free estimate or

free quote so on the website get this

free quote and that was basically all

that I was going to give away for free

in return for the user contacting me now

while this was good and effective so it

was effective because I would arrive to

jobs and I would get the work because

other electricians would charge you know

50 100 bucks whatever it was just to

show up and give the customer an

estimate as to how much they're going to

be charged now that's like well I don't

even know if I'm going to go from from

the customers point of view they don't

know if they're going to go with you yet

they're still deciding and you're going

to charge them just to show up to tell

them how much you're going to charge

them it doesn't make sense in their mind

so by offering a free quote it gave that

opportunity to a get to know me the

electrician who I want who I was what I

stand for and then also give them a

price or an estimate that the job would

be X Y Zed and out for them and they can

then decide for themselves now they

downside for the electrician this is

where I see a lot of electricians

electrical sites web pages they're all

giving this free quote for estimate

which is great however the free thing is

costing us time which is our most

valuable asset yeah you can't get your

time back it's a toss costing you the

electrician time if they get three

quotes is then costing three

electricians you know three hours you

know is if it's twenty minutes they're

twenty minutes back and twenty minutes

to quote the job

you're wasting that's three hours of

time people have spent to give a

customer a

on a job and only one is ever going to

win the job so it's it's not the best

way to go about it and you also you know

you're consuming your fuel wear-and-tear

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