What do Roofers and Electricians have in common? Find out in this interview with Sean Olson from Olson Roofing - Episode 12


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Hi guys thanks for tuning in and I'mhere with Shawn Olson today and we'regonna have a look at some marketingbusiness he's run over his family's beenin the roofing game for over 30 yearsbefore he went into market marketing andhe's been building funnels and manyother businesses since then hi Shawn howyou going hey good thanks for having meJames appreciate itno worries so we'll kick it off justgive us a little background aboutyourself about the business and whatyou're doing yeah yes like you mentionedmy family's had a local roofing businesshere for over 30 years we started backin 1987 when my dad and his brotheractually started Olson brothers roofingand so it was the two of them and veryshortly after my dad took it over andsort of ran it on his own for themajority of the company's life and as Igrew up I was always around roofing soit was a very normal thing for me to seeyou know compressors and guns and hosesand all of the stuff that goes into thatand the evolution of the business was acool thing to see running straight outof the back of my dad's truck where hehad to load the stuff in the back everynight and unload it so it didn't getstolen and trying to you know get hisstuff back from the pawn shops becausethe workers would take it at the end ofthe day and go sell it to my beer orwhatever it was until you know he got toa multi-million dollar organization atthe end with he's gone from like isolaoperated to having a few guys I'd nameyeah it's it's it's grown to acompletely different entity now andactually has been handed off a hundredpercent to my brother and so I wasinvolved in the the roofing game foronly a couple of years myself my historyis actually as a personal trainer so Iworked in gyms and when it came time formy dad to retire he said you know isthis something that you would like torun with your brother and I said wellI've never really been around theroofing game so I I tried it out andorder to do that I had to actually geton the roof I didn't get to start at thetop like most people think when youinherit a business you have to learn howit worksand so I did that sort of boots on theground or boots on the roof I guess andgot up there and and operated as anactual roofer for a couple of yearshelping to run the crew driving trucksand trailers and doing the whole nine sogot it got a real good feel for how itall works the ins and outs of theroofing game that's cool and then you'vemoved so you obviously moved on and andwent on to the marketing world what wasthe I guess shift that got you it's likeI don't really want to do roofing I wantto get into marketing and funnels andthis type of stuff yeah so as a personaltrainer I had to literally sell myselfnot as a prostitute but the services andmy value I had to you know convincepeople that I could help them and so Isort of was in that that world a littlebit got into the the online world ofmarketing through supplements and beingable to help people in other ways andcreated other small side businesseswhich led me to having to createwebsites and the funnels that you talkedabout or you know those series ofwebsite pages that walk the personthrough the sales process and was ableto you know get involved with thatand was introduced to a company calledclick funnels that I work for nowthrough a buddy of mine that I actuallydid marketing for with the supplementcompany that I worked with in previouslyand so yeah I've been working with thatcompany now for about going on fiveyears and has been a great transitionaway from roofing which is an extremelydifficult business it's very taxing onthe body to actually be the person doing really

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