What If... You Could Generate 10-30% More Potential Customers Without Spending Any Extra Money Would you do it? Episode 29


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Marketing secrets for electricians

and today I'm just giving you an update

as to what I'm doing we find

electricians need me we ran into a few

problems in the facebook what getting

blocked and that was very nice but

figured out that you could actually

switch so the block was on the ad

manager and not the Facebook page so

great you had manager and your backup in

business and this time we're going to

register it correctly so I don't have to

wait essentially two months for them to

approve it before you can start

appetizing so you haven't got your

Facebook page or manager account set up

I'd suggest you try and do that now what

I've come up with is I've been searching

for electricians we've got a couple we

had a couple jobs come in and say hey my

name a trician so that was awesome

wining electricians is kind of

challenging harder than I thought and

getting the electricians to respond

getting the customers to respond it's

quite a challenging mix but we are

making progress so hopefully have a few

interviews with electricians around

their area getting their skills and then

also require a couple inches

interviews coming up with electricians

and some other types of businesses that

can hopefully help us understand how to

run our electrical business a little

better and sharing their knowledge so

I'm looking forward to that that will be

coming up in a week or two now in the

last episode I talked about the growth

and what I came up with as I kind of

evolved this into a thing is I'm going

to give away the electrical work of $20

but you guys don't necessarily have to

give that work away so what do I mean by

that so basically I'm going to run some

ads I'm just going to do this all on my

own not on my own but just to get the

ball rolling because it takes time to

negotiate and talk all these rules and

everything out and just to build a

system itself takes a lot of work so

what I'm doing at the moment is building

the system which I can go into in a bit

later on but be the actual plan now is

is to build a giveaway funnel that is

going to propel a lot of leads through

this file and generate a lot of work at

a very cheap price so I'm gonna be

aiming for at least I would like 30

cents a lead but I reckon we get about a

dollar a lead so that'll be cool

if we can pull this off now if you want

to be a part of this you can go to

marketing electrician Nike nutrition

comm and click on giveaway and you'll

see what I've got there if you just want

to see what I'm doing I can I'm going to

be doing some like videos in depth like

here's how I set up yeah here's what I

do so if you want to just see that or if

you want to join in feel free I'm gonna

get the ball rolling in a week or two

once I've got everything set up we

should be able to hit play on the ads

and see the results start to trickle in

warm up the Facebook pixel do all these

things to kind of help

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