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Enjoy the Episode - Happy Marketing!

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Intro You may hear a lot of Marketers talking about content. Content creation, automation of content, a bank of content to rely on, content tools, you get the idea, and hopefully by now you’ve realised that a whole bucket load of research and insight, segmentation, targeting and positioning, strategic thinking and tactical thought is required before we even get to think about any type of content.

But when we do get to that stage, it’s always good to have a helping hand.

Andy Lambert is one man that can help you. Not only is he one of the founding members of ContentCal (a content marketing platform that brings content marketing strategy, workflow and management together), but he is full of tips, actionable insights and a brain full of the latest social news.

In this episode we cover; - What makes a good content strategy - Maximise your content and creative - Paid v organic - Where to get content ideas - Using stats to develop better content

Watch the episode video:

Takeaways Top Tip Where to start is actually the top tip! And this is with good research. Good research into the content that is performing well in your field, search volumes, your customers persona and also influencers that are prominent within your space. Research these topics and your content foundations will be solid.

Favourite Quote When discussing the paid v organic debate, Andy’s recent research discovered that ‘93% of Marketing Managers said they would be increasing their organic content output’ which highlights that doing good creative work that people want to consume is hugely important. You can’t ignore the paid, but valuable organic content is a must

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode On the topic of paid v organic, Andy suggested a 70/30 split towards the organic, which makes perfect sense. Remember – top of the funnel think paid, bottom of the funnel think organic (hugely generic I know and this is debatable, but on one listens to the end of podcasts anyway)!

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